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Build Anything on the Blockchain Without Any Coding.

Build whatever you want on the blockchain of your choice without the need of a developer or any technical skills.

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Our Roadmap for
Crypto Mass Adoption

Step #1

Awareness, NFT and Presale

▸   Raise awareness around the project
▸   Get 100k subscribers over our social platforms
▸   Join forces with creators as advisors or early adopters
▸   Private presale of the token for ForkChain NFT holders only

Step #2

IDO, Listing and Launch

▸   $FORK offerings on Launchpads
▸   Release of the ForkChain building app
▸   Launch of the first ForkChain projects through the ForkChain Agency
▸   Add liquidity to DEX like Uniswap and Sushiswap
▸   Get 10 major influencers (5M+ followers) on board as partners

Step #3

Unity App Release and Massive Adoption

▸   ForkChain building app is 100% self-service 
▸   ForkChain key features (Token Genesis, NFT Printer) are live 
▸   Token release for early investors
▸   Enable integrations with widely used marketing tools
▸   Listing on centralized exchanges
▸   Reach 100 community projects launched on the platform

We're a community
— not a company.


Anyone that uses ForkChain has full ownership of their funds at all times — no one can touch assets that don't belong to them.


All of our users play a part in shaping the future of the platform and collectively decide how it is run.