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Roadmap: The Rise of

Blockchain As A Service

Stage #00

  • V1 of the website is online
  • Build the community (30.000 members)
  • Token Private Sale = $2m collected
  • Free Mint for our NFT Cards Collection
  • Launch of the Incubator

Stage #01

  • First round of ICO = $700k collected
  • V2 of the website is online
  • Connect your wallet to see your $FORKS and your NFT Cards
  • Release of Forkchain technology 1.0
  • Launch 10+ templates on Forkchain Technology 1.0

Stage #02

  • Next rounds of fund-raising (ICOs, IDOs)
  • Launch 25+ templates on Forkchain Tech 1.0
  • Work on the version 2.0 of Forkchain Tech
  • Release DAO to give back power to the investors

Stage #03

  • Release version 2.0 of Forkchain Tech (more blockchains, more templates)
  • Emission of the $FORK token, listing and trading enabled on DEX (citer ici des petits DEX)
  • Stake your $FORK and earn reward
  • Headhunting of elite advisors and partners (C-levels of big companies…)

Stage #04

  • Release version 3.0 of Forkchain (Self-Service App)
  • List $FORK on major centralised exchanges among which KuCoin, Okex and FTX
  • Work on compatibilities with major blockchains AVAX, FTM, SOL…
  • Work on even more compatibilities with minor blockchains : Elrond, Tezos, Dash, Cosmos, Harmony One…

Stage #05

  • Develop Forkchain Tech Eco-System (membership areas 3.0, sell your products with crypto, Our own intelligence system...)
  • Open the API for external developers